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A natural product as effective as conventional? Yes, we did.

Leading all-natural mouthwash and toothpaste are as good as water at preventing oral diseases. We created an all-natural formula 1,000x more effective at killing bacteria than other natural brands (Tom's & TheraBreath). Here's proof.

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Using leading all-natural brands puts you at risk for oral disease because they simply don't kill enough bacteria -  but Lokena does.


Developed at Columbia University inside an infection control lab.


1,000x more effective than Toms and TheraBreath at killing certain disease-causing bacteria (see the data).


Completely natural formula – just essential oils, plant extracts, and water.

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The only 100% natural mouthwash to meet FDA standards for gum disease.


Lokena's developer, Dr. Shanta Modak, Ph.D, has over 40 patents - some even used in hospitals today!


Patented - you can’t get this formula anywhere else.

Natural Mouthwash Comparison -

Because this is your mouth, not your toilet

Battle gum disease and bad breath with a product that is natural, effective, safe, and tastes great. Subscribe and be the first to be notified when we launch on Kickstarter.

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